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10 Tips for Hiring Employees to fit your Company Culture

Poor hiring decisions can be extremely costly for your company, in terms of business interruption, wasted recruiting and training resources, lower employee morale and more. You may realize that an..

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Maintaining OSHA's Four Point Safety Program

Implementing a quality safety program is essential to reducing workplace accidents. To assist in building this program, OSHA provides you with all the guidance you need to get started.


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Can Offering Flexibility Boost Recruitment and Employee Retention?

Technological advances and flexibility in the workplace have redefined the workday for many organizations and their employees. Having a flexible working environment means that your organization..

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The Truth about Employee Engagement

Many employee surveys focus on employee satisfaction, as it is assumed that satisfied, happy employees will be more productive and have higher retention rates. However, increasing research..

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5 Steps to Reducing Workman's Compensation Costs

When a company experiences significant increases in workers’ compensation costs, it usually triggers internal activities aimed at reducing insurance costs and spending. The key to spending fewer..

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3 Team Building Activities for Employee Retention and Increasing Employee Morale

Team building activities can give your employees a sense of unity and build employee morale. Team building activities work best in businesses or departments where employees have to interact and..

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Do You Have a Risk Assessment in Place?

Does your company have a risk assessment in place?  A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to pinpoint the situations, processes and other things that could potentially cause harm,..

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Retain Your Millennial Workforce The Right Way

Did you know by 2025, 75% of the workforce will consist of Millennials? It’s true – the Millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2000) is steadily entering the job market and transforming the..

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Safety is No Accident

Accidents can and often do happen when you least expect them. Many workplace accidents can be avoided by following safe practices and following safety guidelines.

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The 7 Steps of an HR Audit

HR audits are key for companies to make sure that they avoid any legal or regulatory liability due to their HR policies and practices. Audits provide the opportunity to compare a company’s HR..

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