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Wellness Programs

Have you ever noticed how younger people recover quicker from illness or injury? Of course you have! Unfortunately, we all go through the aging process and with that comes the challenges of dealing..

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D&O Who Needs It?

D&O insurance is becoming a more important item on the agenda for the simple fact that more and more nonprofits are being sued! - (Insurance Journal)

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Got Options?

Employee benefits have been around since the early 1940’s when employers were trying to obtain the best employees in a post World War II era. After the war, it became more frequent to find companies..

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Cyber Liablity - Fact and Fiction

As a business owner it’s a daunting task to deal with all the challenges that come your way, from taking care of your employees to managing your bottom line, not to mention protecting your market..

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The Continuing Heathcare Evolution

Did you know that nearly 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 19 years and the Medicare eligible population will double by 2020 thus increasing the demand for health care? Needless to..

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Do I Need a Garage Keepers Policy?

Business owners who store customer’s cars, boats, campers…etc need this important coverage to protect themselves!.If you have custody of your customer’s property and something happens, you could be..

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Are Work Comp Rates Out of Control?

We speak with successful business owners every day and one of the most common questions we hear is, “Why are worker’s compensation rates constantly rising?” Their concern is understandable as this..

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Workplace Accidents Costs Thousands

Let’s face it, we all hate when accidents happen at work and someone gets injured. The question is, “Is it possible to prevent these things from happening?” If you think there’s just nothing you can..

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Satisfied with Your Benefits ROI?

For most employers their employee benefits program is the second largest expense behind employee compensation. We work with top firms day in and day out and yet we still hear from their employees,..

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