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Is PRICE Important to You?

At Beimdiek, PRICE means everything. We know that price has many different meanings fact it’s the most common topic we find ourselves discussing with our clients. We realize that in order for our agency to stay in business we have to maintain competitive pricing but we also realize that there is more to price than just the premium. That’s why we developed a PRICE strategy that addresses all concerns business owners face. PRICE for us means Process, Relationships, Intellectual Capitol and Enthusiasm to serve. Our approach to working with businesses revolves around these key areas and when designed properly our clients can get the best possible price.

View this special introduction to our PRICE concept and learn how your business can benefit from our expertise and attention. 

Take a look at our ideas and see if our PRICE strategies can be of value to you:


  • Alignment Meeting - Designed to determine congruencies between our business model and the prospective organization.
  • Needs Assessment - Examines and outlines potential areas of concern for the business owner or organization.
  • Plan Presentation - Unveiling our strategic resources tailored to the client's specific needs.

Relationships mean everything! In our personal lives and in business we rely on our relationships for support. At Beimdiek, it’s no different. We realize our clients have a relationship with our staff to provide support, advice and guidance in navigating the tricky waters of managing risks. We strive to always provide a valuable relationship by keeping our clients up to speed in the ever changing world of business management.

Intellectual Capitol
Our Risk Management platform (Elevate) was developed with one purpose in mind – help our clients move the needle. We realize each business is unique and in order to aid our clients we needed a process that could be molded easily around the specifics needs of many different challenges. Elevate allows up to design specific solutions to wide varieties of exposures a business owner may face.

It’s no secret that success is defined by our ability to provide customer service at the highest level. In fact many agencies often time overlook this vary basic but invaluable element of customer service. At Beimdiek we continually monitor and gauge our daily performance around our ability to provide service in a timely and efficient manner that is focused around the specific needs of each of our clients. Our employees thrive on the unique challenges our clients face in helping them with tailored solutions.

At Beimdiek, PRICE means something to us. Learn more about our proprietary process to help our clients "move the needle" in their business.

We pride ourselves on providing the most effective and up to date advice and guidance for our clients. Business owners are being forced to do more with less and with the ever-changing marketplace. With the complexities in compliance and regulation businesses need a cutting edge advisor now more than ever. To answer these realities, we designed a strategic risk assessment and solution-based product called ELEVATE . This process is designed to give employers the roadmap to success they have been looking for and has a solid foundation in one word – PRICE. 

We'd love to talk to you about how PRICE can affect your business. Call us today at 417-358-4007 and book your free consultation. Download the Booklet

Written by Brent Westhoven

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