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  • Managing Your Human Resources: Considerations for Implementing a Proper Employee Engagement Survey

Managing Your Human Resources: Considerations for Implementing a Proper Employee Engagement Survey

In recent years, employee engagement surveys have become a popular tool for measuring employee satisfaction and the total buy-in to company's goals and vision. But many have also spent countless hours and company money on a great survey only to do nothing with the results.

At Beimdiek, we do more than ensure your success - we are trusted business advisors who partner with companies for a comprehensive look at the health of the business. From proper risk assessment to safety training, HR compliance to providing multiple bids for your insurance and employee benefits - we seek to protect what you have created and strengthen the platform for future growth. 

What you won't experience with Beimdiek is a rush into trending tactics without proper assessment of a clear next step once the data is gathered. That goes equally for evaluating risk in your business as well as organizing and improving your HR efforts.

If an employee engagement survey is next on your to-do list, we offer some considerations to improve the outcome:

While your HR department may be tasked with implementing the employee engagement survey they should not exclusively be tasked with creating the questions. Desired outcomes should be carefully stated by senior management before the survey is created. All stakeholders should have an opportunity to weigh in.

With the same stakeholders in the room, the why of the survey should be fully discussed. Many companies perform employee surveys without first considering why they are conducting them in the first place. More damage can be done when employees have been surveyed about employee satisfaction only to impart their perspective and have nothing change.

Questions to the leadership could include:

  • Does the company desire to change if employee's voices indicate issues?
  • Is there a will in the leadership to create a process to address findings?
  • Does the company need to hit a specific threshold for certain responses to indicate going forward with growth plans?
  • How will the responses be share with management?
  • How will responses be shared with the group at large?

Crafting survey questions is difficult work. You can opt to hire a firm if the issues are complicated. Companies like specialize in low-cost/high-expertise and can be used to help craft the survey questions or completely outsource the entire project. If you take it on in-house, be sure to read a few blogs and review considerations we've provided in our free guide.

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If the survey is not focused on one issue, care should be given to group questions about like issues. Potential areas of focus could include:

  • General company questions
  • Levels of satisfaction with management
  • Perspectives on teamwork and co-worker relationships
  • Feelings about senior leadership and vision

In general, following an order by grouping questions can provide a more cohesive experience for the employee. Questions should be as clear as possible to minimize confusion. 

Careful thought should be given to the agreement or rating scale of the answers.
Sample of an agreement scale includes answers such as:

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree
  • Disagree

Sample of a rating scale includes answers such as:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor

Number scales can be used or hand-crafted responses. However, consideration should be made about whether or not the answer choices provide a unique understanding of the employee engagement. 

One last thought on how to implement an employee engagement survey includes a clear and disclosed policy about the privacy of the answers. If a true response is requested, employers must do everything possible to ensure the identity of the employee answering remains private. Management should commit to a privacy policy to ensure no employee will suffer any form of retribution for their perspectives even if he/she provides negative feedback. 

Rather than using an employee survey simply as a tactic to appease employees, or to identify employees who need correction, careful thought should be put into creating a survey to gather real data about employee satisfaction and engagement. Engaged employees are happy employees and as they are your most valuable asset. A proper survey of their opinions and perspectives can be an important part of moving a company forward dynamically. When done properly, an employee engagement survey can boost employee morale while providing valuable and actionable feedback.

At Beimdiek, our team of Human Resources experts would love to help you with this project or deeper HR issues. We work hard to help companies protect what they've worked so hard to achieve. If you have difficult questions, Beimdiek has your answer. 

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