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Safety is No Accident

Accidents can and often do happen when you least expect them. Many workplace accidents can be avoided by following safe practices and following safety guidelines.

Know the Safety Hazards

Many accidents can be traced back to an unsafe action, an unsafe condition, or both. Those accidents could have been avoided by following proper safety precautions. There are lots of unsafe acts and conditions that lead to accidents. Here are some of the common hazards:

• Using defective or broken equipment
• Doing tasks without training
• Failing to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Unsafe handling, disposal, or storage of material
• Horseplay
• Poor housekeeping

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Steps to Avoid Accidents

Cutting corners is a primary cause of accidents. Workers let familiarity of a routine task cause them to be careless. Workers have to stay alert and observe safety precautions. Even though it may take longer and be inconvenient to follow all safety procedures, do not cut corners.

The next step is to know your job. Know the proper safety precautions and the proper procedures for your job. Bring any questions or concerns you have to your supervisor to help prevent accidents.

Last but not least make a personal commitment to safety. Follow rules that are put in place for your safety. Even if an act is not specifically listed as an unsafe act use good sense and evaluate if it is safe or not. Take a moment to think about a way to make it safer.

Focus on Good Habits

It’s human nature to develop habits, but when workers break minor safety rules it starts to create bad habits that can lead to injuries.Encourage and recognize good safety habits so that they spread among your workers. If everyone does their part in staying safe and observing safety rules, then everyone benefits.

Beimdiek can help you develop safety programs that will comply with OSHA requirements and help your company reduce the number of workplace injuries.

Written by Kimberly Fullerton

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