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Taking Care of Your People: Adulting is Hard!

As an employer, you understand that protecting your assets is always a top priority. You probably do a lot in the line of protecting your accounts and your inventory. Failure to do so would be detrimental to your business. But what are you doing to take care of your people? Your employees are your most important asset after all.

The people that work for you come from all walks of life. Some of them grew up in a home where nearly everything was taken care of for them well into their adult life. Others may have started living on their own at a young age and had to learn how to be an adult the hard way. In one way or another, many of you employees that work are in the midst of “adulting” and could use some help sorting things out.

That’s where you come in. No matter their story, you’ve made a commitment as the employer to provide guidance and the resources they need to protect not only themselves, but also their families, finances, and more.

Everyone wants to have their life in order. However, the amount of things to organize and keep in order can be incredibly overwhelming. Most people look at this daunting task and throw their hands up in defeat. But what if, over the course of a year, a person could handle all of the difficult adulting tasks? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one-stop-shop for all things “adult”? Now there is.

There are three large areas that people (your employees) consider when it comes to adulting: protecting their people, protecting their stuff, and protecting their finances.

Protecting their People

It is difficult to be prepared for all of life’s unexpected twists and turns. The fact is, no one knows when the bad things are going to pop up. Therefore, preparing first aid kits, emergency contact information, and knowing that fire detectors are working is crucial to being protected from the unexpected. And of course having a plan in place for emergency situations that the whole family is aware of.

Protecting their Stuff

Situations that are already unpleasant, in themselves, have a tendency to create a domino effect on the rest of our lives. A minor injury in an auto accident can impact your current finances in several ways (copays, missed work, etc.). The whole point of insurance is to protect you when you need it - but it’s difficult to know which types of insurance are right for you. Understanding the different types of insurance and learning how to protect yourself from identity theft is key to of adulting.

Protecting their Finances

Being financially prepared for the future is undoubtedly what most people think of what they think adulting. Many financial decisions are not discussed on a regular basis. These are the things we talk about, for instance, when we start a new job, or when somebody we know passes away. It’s important to make financial preparation a part of your day-to-day so you aren’t overwhelmed when you need to make important decisions. These items include: your last will and testament, life insurance, disability insurance, updating beneficiaries, retirement planning and setting up college funds.

Beimdiek has taken these principles and put together a guide to help with #adulting. It allows you to help your employees relieve the overwhelming stress that comes with sorting these things out, and gives them a peace of mind that their families, their stuff, and their finances are properly protected. 

Download this free guide to help navigate adulthood!

Download the FREE GUIDE!

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