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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that may violate federal laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities..

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Best Practices for an Employee Evaluation Program

Employment practices liability claims are a significant exposure that affect companies of all sizes. Wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment are just a few of the claims employees file..

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DOL Health Plan Audits: Checklist of Requested Documents

The Department of Labor (DOL) has broad authority to investigate or audit an employee benefit plan’s compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Audits are performed by..

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Employment Practices While Recruiting and Hiring

Like any employer, you want to make sure that your new employees are the best in the business. Searching for the right candidate to fill a crucial position is a time-consuming and difficult..

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Choosing the Right Wellness Program for Your Workplace

According to a RAND survey, approximately half of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees sponsor some type of workplace wellness program. As the issues of rising health care costs and increased..

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary workers is a growing trend among employers. While the majority of temporary work continues to be traditional blue-collar and low-level office jobs, demand is also growing for..

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5 HR Trends to Monitor in 2018

HR departments must constantly adapt to new requirements from both internal and external sources. Unexpected factors like new regulations and additional workplace responsibilities commonly disrupt..

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Company Culture Matters: Find the Right Fit

Poor hiring decisions can be extremely costly for your company, in terms of business interruption, wasted recruiting and training resources, lower employee morale and more. You may realize that an..

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Managing Your Human Resources: Considerations for Implementing a Proper Employee Engagement Survey

In recent years, employee engagement surveys have become a popular tool for measuring employee satisfaction and the total buy-in to company's goals and vision. But many have also spent countless..

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Fines for OSHA Violations: Understanding OSHA Regulations on Employee Classification

OSHA standards are very clear about workers' rights. Employers are charged with maintaining accurate documentation which may seem like common sense. What can be more confusing is making sure..

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