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Bulletproof Your Company: Why You Need EPLI

With rapidly increasing numbers of employees filing lawsuits against their employers, even the smallest businesses cannot afford to lack coverage by Employee Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)...

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Are You Prepared for a DOL Audit?

No one looks forward to an audit; however, with advance preparation and careful record keeping, a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) audit will be less stressful for all involved. An audit may be..

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Are Your Interview Questions Compliant?

In today’s litigious environment, it’s more important than ever when hiring that managers and human resources personnel ask the questions that are compliant with applicable federal, state, and..

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New Employee - New Risk

We know that newly hired workers face a higher injury rate. Recent research from the Institute for Work & Health finds that the higher risk of work injury among new workers has persisted over the..

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