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Have you ever noticed how younger people recover quicker from illness or injury? Of course you have! Unfortunately, we all go through the aging process and with that comes the challenges of dealing with our aging bodies. As we age it takes our bodies longer to recover and get back to “normal” after a setback. The problem most American’s face is, as we age we stop paying attention to our physical health and become less and less active but we still eat the same foods we did when we were younger. This is a recipe for disaster.

Recent studies have shown that healthier employees have fewer injuries at work and when they are injured the recover more quickly. We commonly think of a “wellness program” as just a ploy to help maintain our employee benefit rates but we rarely link a wellness program to the impact on our workers compensation rates.

Let’s face it, you can’t stop a tornado or hail storm from hitting your business but you can control your work comp rates by creating a safe work environment for you employees by making sure the floor isn’t slick and making sure all the guards are on the machines. You can also, for the most part, do your best to hire and employ healthy employees. This is where a targeted wellness program should be integrated as a part of the workplace environment.

Because worker’s compensation isn’t perceived as an employee benefit and a wellness program is designed with health insurance goals in mind most employers don’t realize how a wellness program can lower the frequency and severity of work comp claims. The reality is, employee benefits and workers compensation are both designed to help employees stay healthy.

If you would like guidance or more information on developing an effective employee wellness program that works with your current benefits offerings, give us a call today!

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