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Why Do Workplace Hazards Go Unreported?

In order to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, organizations rely on their employees to report safety concerns. While hazard reporting is critical for discovering and addressing risks, many employees avoid it. Here are a few reasons why workplace hazards go unreported:

  • Employees lack the time. Daily work can be easily distracting and people avoid taking extra time to fulfill added responsibilities like reporting concerns. However, if you notice a hazard, it’s important to notify your supervisor to ensure the safety of not just yourself, but also your co-workers!
  • Employees don’t know how to report the hazard. Sometimes employees may notice a safety issue, but don’t report it because they simply don’t know how. In these instances, it’s important to ask your supervisor to teach you hazard reporting processes so you’re ready for any other issues that come up.
  • Employees are concerned about getting in trouble. If a hazard is the result of negligence, employees may worry about repercussions for identifying an issue. Hazard reporting isn’t about discipline, but rather prevention and correction. Employees should feel empowered to speak with their supervisors about workplace issues without worrying about getting in trouble.

Even small issues can often become serious problems if no one steps up to correct them. If your employees don’t bother to report malfunctioning equipment or a trip hazard, serious injuries may occur – injuries that would have otherwise been avoided.

Although failure to report a hazard has a variety of consequences, ignoring any hazard can have serious repercussions to your business and most importantly the safety of your employees.

When it comes to hazard reporting, employees should be proactive instead of waiting for an inspection to take place. Take time today to remind your employees that you are all responsible for each other’s safety and encourage them to speak up when it comes to workplace safety! 

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