HR Expert Advice: Winning Tactics For Your Hiring Process

The hiring process can be exciting, but stressful as well. There is the excitement of finding that perfect addition to your staff that can help push your company forward, but at the same time there is the stress around the right interview questions and answers. If you don’t find the right person quickly or you feel you aren’t getting the right applicants you can start to worry if that person is out there, especially if your company is in more of an urgent need for help. Even if you have them lined up, you still need the right job interview questions. Having a hiring process can help keep emotions out of the game and keep you focused on hiring the right person the first time. There are 3 stages to the hiring process: prescreen, the interview, and the offer.

The first stage is prescreening. A thorough well thought out process will during prescreening will help you identify the best possible candidates. This starts with job posting. You have to determine the best spots to post your job. You may post internally using job boards, or employee referral programs. You can also post the job externally with career centers, newspapers, colleges, or online options like Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn, and Facebook. When accepting resumes and applications be aware that Missouri is a Ban the Box state that prevents criminal background questions. Another helpful thing may be phone screenings of candidates before the interview process.

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The next step is the interview. You will need to decide who will perform the interview. Will it be a one-on-one or group interview? Is there any testing that has to be done? To save time only interview qualified candidates that meet the minimum qualifications. Be consistent in asking the same questions for each applicant. Make sure your questions are compliant with federal, state, and local rules. Address job expectations, hours, travel, dress code, and any other important information that pertains to the job.

The last step is the offer. Once you have found the candidate that you feel is the best fit you can give them a formal offer. Once the offer is accepted, there may be other screening options that you may choose. Drug screens, physical ability tests, background checks, and worker’s compensation claim checks (Missouri) are examples of these. This is also a time for the potential employee to disclose any disabilities or health conditions and give the employer time to look at the job description and see what, if any ADA accommodations need to be made. After that is all sorted out it’s time to reap the benefits of your new employee and your good hiring process.

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